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Network - Wi-Fi -Internet Solutions

  • Home or Office
  • Configuration
  • IPHONE,IMAC,IPAD -Apple Specialist
  • Email service Setup and Extensive Training
  • Printers , TV Networking Setup
  • Wireless Routers and Modems

Home wireless networks that connect your tablet,PC and smart phone to your home network and the Internet use Wi-Fi.. Wi-Fi is a wireless standard used on both home and public wireless networks worldwide. (WLAN) Wi-Fi Range Extender/Repeater  Place in range of the existing Wireless network, and it will take the signal from the network and rebroadcast it, thus increasing the range of the network. Modern ones plug directly into a mains socket and require no other connections more :Advice on, and help setting up, streaming services like Netflix, Presto and Stan Device setup: Apple TV, Google chromecast, Telstra T-Box & any others! Sonos speakers set-up New wireless network setup Troubleshooting a slow connection Troubleshooting other problems Help learning how to use websites like Facebook New tablet/Smartphone /PC/IMAC setup & training

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